Reasons to Be A Real Madrid Supporter

If you have recently discovered the beauty of the football game, then it is time to find a team to support. While it is possible to have zero affiliations, staunch football fans and critics think different. In this post, we will be sharing some of the reasons why you should become a Real Madrid fan. But for the love of the sport, don’t feel pressured to supporting Real Madrid or any other team since football is all about passion.

Rich History

Real Madrid was founded on March 6th 1902 meaning that the club will be turning 117 next month. The word “real” means “royal” in Spanish and was bestowed upon the team by King Alonso XIII in 1920. Few football teams can boast of a long and rich history something that Real Madrid has. Being around for a hundred plus years while maintaining the highest standard of performance on the planet is no small feat.

Great Players

Real Madrid has, and has had some of the best players ever to grace the game wear its white t-shirts. From legends such as Raul, Ronaldo (Brazilian), Zidane, Ronaldo (CR7), and even Alfredo Di Stefano. While the list of great players to ever wear the white jersey can be extended, it would be unjust not to mention some of the best players currently donning the jersey. Presently football stars like Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Toni Kroos, Modric are the best players in holding their positions, and not just in Real Madrid, but in the planet.


In football, only one winner can emerge in a clash contended by two of the world’s footballing heavyweights. Real Madrid’s long history of success proves that the team is dedicated to achieving all that can be achieved. A look at the three successive champions league wins solidifies this point as no team in the history of football has ever pulled this feat. Real Madrid’s competitive nature has seen it win more Champions League silverware than any club. When it comes to the domestic league La Liga, no team in the league has won more silverware than Real Madrid.

Entertaining Football

With players like Isco, Modric, Asensio, Vinicius Junior, Gareth Bale and Marcelo in Real Madrid’s squad, it is easy to understand why the team produces entertaining football. Whether the team is down 2-0, you can always expect a comeback, and this is what makes football thrilling. Real Madrid players make the game feel like clockwork something a handful of teams in the world can come close to rivaling. Players like Gareth Bale (who until recently was the fastest footballer) and Vinicius Jr. make the attacking buildups so fast that you might miss a goal while commenting “LOL” (takes seconds) on a funny meme.

Notable Rivalries

Worthy and notable rivalries make football an intense game and fan sport. Over the years, Real Madrid has had and continues to have rivalries that produce mouth-watering and eye-catching games. The El-Classico (against Barcelona) and the Madrid derby (against Atletico Madrid) are two of the biggest footballing matches that attract a vast audience worldwide due to what is always at stake making every second of these games priceless.

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